Frequently Asked Questions

Is PN suitable for a small scale home development project?

Yes, ofcourse Papayas nursery considers every client as a dear individual equivalently at all stages.

What Locations does Papaya’s Nursery render their services?

PN renders service such as design, concept, development and maintainace on PAN India Basis.

How does PN keep the plants so well maintained and nurished?

This only happens when we love the plant and care for them with our heart soul mind. It takes lot of efforts to maintain the plants and to keep the environment suitable for them by feeding and propagating them at the right time. PN nurtures Plants as their own born children.

How PN maintans garden services at various destinations?

PN have a routine process of inspecting and identifying situation of
garden and the treatments required necessarily for their survival which is again divided into different stages and phases and is properly estimated and worked upon at periodic intervals with manure, pesticides, fungisides and insectisids application with the help of dedicated team members.

What PN expects from their clients regarding plants?

Papaya’s Nursery holds an expectation that clients will provide nurturing care to their plants, ensuring regular watering, appropriate sunlight exposure, and timely maintenance.

What are general recommendations for client after maintaince period?

PN personally educates each and every client during the tenure of
maintaince and the entire awareness is transferred to the individual/client involved in care taking of plants during maintance period. And to keep the process ongoing without failures and breaks in long run.


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